Dylan O’Brien at Comic Con 2014

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There is  n o  m e  a n d  T r a v i s .

                                 Not when  y o u ’ r e  b a c k  h e r e

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One Tree Hill Meme: [6/8] Characters: Quinn James

"The first time I looked in a lens I realized I could see magical things in unexpected places and I want the kids to feel that.”

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TV Show Meme: [3/4] male characters → Bellamy Blake

"My mother if she knew what I’ve done. Who I am. She raised me to be better. To be good. And all I do is hurt people. I’m a monster."

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I’m just really happy that someone finally realized Lydia was about to have a breakdown and did something about it.

I’m just really happy that someone finally dropped everything and pulled lydia into a hug because they knew she needed it.

I’m just really happy that this episode someone gave a fuck about Lydia Martin.

And I’m not at all surprised it was Stiles Stilinski.

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Stydia in 4x06 'Orphaned' 
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"As her character and as an actress, she was the good one."
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